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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 16, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm pam clark. >> i'm dave cook. let's check with steve. >> reporter: some low to mid-80s. temperatures creeping up a couple of degrees each day. it was more inland. today we look for that fog to burn off. sunshine we'll have that weekend forecast in about five minutes. now an update on your traffic. >> reporter: traffic is moving well as you drive to the mcarthur maze. this morning we're looking at the traffic in oakland. that traffic does move well. now back to the desk. we have developing news. this is coming from con cord.
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police are investigating a shooting. jade hernandez is on the scene with details now. >> reporter: police have four squad cars right out here blocking this section here. we'll turn the camera all the way around. you can see there are squad cars around the block. this is where the shooting may have taken place this morning. detectives seem to be concentrating on the area near devon and ashbury. dispatch sent police out here around 2 this morning. what we understand is a man was walking along the street. he looked very suspicious. they thought he may have been wanted for a warrant. the man turned around and opened fire. the officers shot and wounded him. no one else was hurt at this point. we understand there will be a briefing in about a half hour. they are trying to gather as much details as they can so they can pass along that information
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to us. all we know right now is this was an officer involved shooting and one man was taken to the hospital. we don't moe the extent of his injuries. in about 30 minutes we can give you an up did a. jade hernandez. 90 people have been working without a contract for 13 months. >> if they don't move from where they are, the chances of a strike are absolute. >> we need to be able to have contracts that are fair to the people who also work in the hotels but own them. >> the union disagrees saying rates are up. they will decide if there will
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be a strike and if so, when. we're following several new developments in that pipeline fire and explosion in san bruno. this morning disaster teams have a very important warning for the fire victims. governor schwarzenegger is promising a full investigation after taking a tour of disaster zone, and a rosary service will be held tonight for the mother and 13-year-old daughter were killed. they are encourageing residents to watch out for criminals trying to cash in on their misery. there's a concern about phony contractors, insurance agents and people who are offering legal aids. in san bruno people have arrested four suspected scam artists. they are accused of trying to cash in on the disaster by claiming they lost their homes
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in the fire. their homes were miles away from the disaster zone. the four suspects were booked on suspicion of burglary, perjury and other charges. there's a significant revelation this morning about a section of pipeline just north of the area that exploded in san bruno one week ago. >> reporter: somewhere underneath these streets is the same pipe that exploded in san bruno last week, not the same section but the same pipe. the ntsb says explosions like that don't usually happen in populated areas but potential is growing.
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the section of pipe runs underneath two communities. in 2007 pg&e told the p. u. c. that the pipe, pipe 132, needed replacing and got a rate increase to pay for the work but never did the work. >> some things happened when we're going down and a year later maybe some other item becomes more emergent that we need to fix. that's why we will redirect funds to take care of things that are urgent today and go back and look and say what are the things that are urgent tomorrow. >> re: pg&e says it won't disclose locations of other high risk lines because doing that would be an attractive target for terrorists. they are pushing a bill that will require them to disclose the locations. knowing what happened last thursday people in south san francisco today are a little
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worried. >> if it was underneath my house i would pretty much get in contact with pg&e and if they are not doing anything then that's will i will take a step further of moving. >> it scares me because you think you're safe in your own house and you're not. >> reporter: a lot of questions that need to be answered this morning including if it was an unacceptably high risk area. i'm going to take calls to find out if it's legal to take money from one project and apply it to another. >> thank you, craig. we will continue to follow the fire and explosion throughout the morning. you can also get updates any time by going to our channel 3 website, in other news pleasant hill police are warning parents this morning about two reports of men
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approaching young boys. an 11-year-old boy told police a man in a blue toyota prius tried to lure him into the car at a bus stop on cleveland road yesterday morning. the man is described as white with tan skin and heavy accent. on monday two 13-year-old boys told police that four white men in a green jeep cherokee repeatedly offered them a ride near pleasant hill middle school. a 5-year-old san francisco girl is recovering after being shot in the leg. this happened last friday evening at a public housing complex. police detained several juveniles nearby. one of them a 17-year-old was arrested after police allegedly found a gun on him. that gun is being tested now to determine if it was used in that shooting. 5:07 is the time right now. let's check in with sal for a complete look at traffic. >> reporter: all right pam and
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dave. traffic is moving along very well as you drive out to the freeways. you should be in pretty good shape. no major problems. driving into san francisco and the bay bridge looking good. howard street closed between 3rd and 4th for a big convention. that will cause some problems including some muni reroutes. we're also looking at northbound 280. that traffic does move well. let's go to steve. >> reporter: well, not as much fog this morning. decrease in the sea breeze. everyone else is about five or even less than that. it will be a little warmer today. the fog mainly flirting with the coast around the bay. system still developing out there. for today sunny and warmer for many. 60s, 70s and low to mid-80s. each day we're coming up a few degrees. lose the fog, temperature drops
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down to 48 degrees. oakland berkley with some fog. san jose is clear even at 55. first time this week i think they've said that at this time of the morning. 50s in the valley. this system is just a bear. it will be here saturday night and sunday. it's what we are waiting for to develop. that's quite warmer today. the highs building in. this low will not move through until probably sunday. until then fog burning off pretty fast for today. 60s and 70s should be pretty nice.
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increasing clouds on friday. it looks like the north bay will get some rain on saturday. it will be cloudy to the south. sunday morning there will be rain. monday looks sunny. thank you. what the banks gained a whole lot of last month is a huge loss for many of us. also union leaders are angry with willie brown. the reason some former labor supporters accuse the former san francisco mayor of flipping sides. democrats are breaking ranks with president obama over tax increases for wealthy americans. i'll show you how most americans feel about it coming up. good morning. if you're driving to the south bay so far so good. we'll tell you more about the rest of the commute.
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welcome back. it's now 12 minutes after 5:00. a new poll shows almost half the country opposes tax increases for the richest americans. it's in the good news for president obama who is trying to get president obama to boost levees on the wealthy. allison joins us with more on the story. >> reporter: the bottom line is the country is essentially split about whether wealthy americans should get a tax increase. 54% of americans agree with president obama on this issue. he wants to let the bush era tax cuts expire this year for
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americans making over $250,000 while keeping the tax cuts for everyone else. an ap poll shows the rest of the country agrees with republicans who says everyone should keep the tax cut. >> higher taxes won't get anybody hired. >> we should be able to extend right now middle class tax relief on the first $250,000 of income which by the way 97% of americans make less than $250,000 a year. >> reporter: 31 house democrats are breaking ranks. they sent a letter to nancy pelosi saying they don't want any tax increases. the question is will democrat be able to eke out the votes. we'll take a closer look at that during my next update. reporting live, allison burns,
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ktvu, channel 2 news. today the senate is expected to pass a bill that blends a 30 billion-dollar government loan fund with bipartisan tax incentives. there are also other incentives for businesses to expand and hire new employees. republicans have opposed this loan fund. they compare it to the bailout two years ago of the financial industry. >> reporter: the white house is expected to name wall street critic elizabeth warren to oversee a new federal protection bureau. she's been a consumer add slow cat. it will enforce regulations for mortgages, credit cards and other financial products. president obama may apoint her any day now. state lawmakers in sacramento are on their way to setting a record that is not likely to approve their approval rating among voters. today the state budget is now 78 days late. the record was set back in 2008 when the governor didn't sign a
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budget until september 23rd. that was 85 days late. back then it was on the 78th day that lawmakers came to an agreement. this year on this 78th day democrats and republicans appear nowhere near an agreement. former san francisco mayor willie brown has angered some long time union supporters by coming out in favor of a pension reform. the measure would require san francisco city workers to pay 10% of their salaries toward their pension. brown defends his position saying he's not antilabor but the pension system needs to be fixed. let's see how the commute is starting out. sal, how are we looking? >> reporter: traffic is moving along relatively well.
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san mateo bridge looks good. we're doing pretty good job looking at the bridges here. this morning's drive at the bay bridge toll plaza so far so good. here is steve. >> reporter: good morning. just some fog. there's not a lot out there right now. we'll play with that one tomorrow. looks like rain in the north bay and maybe for everyone sunday morning and then it will be out of here. it's just taking its sweet time. high pressure builds in. a little bit less fog. warmer weather. 60s, 70s and mid-80s. 48 at napa airport. if you have the low clouds much warmer. san jose mostly clear. 30s up in the mountains. 50s for many in the valley. look at along the coast, santa barbara 49. a little cool there. our system is continuing to spin
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and develop and it's going to be really slow. by saturday it looks like the north bay will be in line for some rain. clouds to the south. sunday morning for everyone a possibility of rain. today that fog burns off sooner. it will be sunny for most. even there it's not solid right now. 60s and 70s by the beaches. 70s around the bay. low to mid-80s. fair field was 82. santa rosa was interesting. yesterday downtown it was 75. the airport was 80. we'll bump it up a little business. we start to cloud it up on saturday. i'll say rain in the north bay on saturday. it's gone sunday night and monday will be sunny. stock markets in europe and asia are down this morning. overnight japan held onto much
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of its big game from the day before. shares in china tumbled nearly 2% on concerns that the bank will need to raise more capital following a surge in lending over the previous year. on wall street in the next 15 minutes or so the latest read on inflation will be released and how that comes in will definitely affect the market today. the dow and s&p posting slight gains yesterday. new figures show lenders took back more homes in august than in any month since the start of the mortgage crisis three years ago. the increase comes even as the number of properties entering the foreclosure process slows for the 7th month in a row. the listing service says banks took ownership of more than 95,000 homes last month. the matriarch of the wine making family has died. she was born in minnesota and moved to the bay area during
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world war ii. she married barney fetzer. they raised 11 children. kathleen and her children operated the vineyard until they sold it in 1995. 5:19 is the time. one hero of the disaster in san bruno is telling his story. >> right where that light post is in my neighbor's yard is where i saw him walking at me begging for help. >> how he came to the rescue of a man dealing with a truly horrifying situation. plus a poor report card for some of california's levees. we'll tell you where the problems are and what could cause one of them to break. traffic is moving well on 88 north and southbound. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and also have a look at a problem that could happen later today in san francisco.
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good morning. not as much fog this morning. san jose is clear. even mountain view is clear. sunny and warmer today. highs 70s, 80s inland. a rosary service will be yell tonight for the mother and daughter killed in last week's fire and explosion in san bruno. the vigil begins at 7:00 p.m. in san francisco.
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the funeral will be held at that same church tomorrow. last night jessica's mother made an emotional visit to the disaster zone. she was allowed to visit the site where her 20-year-old daughter died one week ago. jessica was watching football with her boyfriend at the time of that deadly explosion. >> jessica's boyfriend almost died that night as well but he survived thanks mainly to this man and the brave actions of this neighbor. michael zapato spotted joe gomez running out of his burning home. he was seriously hurt and begging for help after watching his own girlfriend's horrifying death. >> he was in his house and his house blew up. he watched his girlfriend. he tried to save her and he couldn't. she died right in front of him.
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>> he's now in the burn center at san francisco medical center. there's no official word on his condition. the family members say he suffered serious burns on 40% of his body. governor schwarzenegger says that he won't rest until he finds out what went wrong in san bruno. he went directly to the devastated neighborhood after arriving back from his asian trade mission yesterday. he promised a full investigation. >> if it was the fault of somebody or problem or something that's not been maintained or whatever it may be you will know. there's no hiding of information i can guarantee you that. >> the governor also promises to make certain there's a complete investigation of all of the major pipelines in california. bp's blown out oil well in the gulf of mexico is set to be permanently sealed sometime today. the federal government says the
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relief well bp has been drilling all summer long should intersect with the ruptured well later today. mud and cement will be pumped in seating the well once and for all by sunday. a temporary cap stopped the oil from leaking in mid july. unacceptable. that's the rating for seven of ten levees. they don't meet safety criteria. the unacceptable levees were found from yuma city to stockton. some other levees have been repaired with money from a bond measure passed four years ago. one man is in the hospital following an early morning officer involved shooting. our crew just talked with police. we'll have more on what led up to the confrontation. as recovery efforts continue in san bruno, authorities today are warning people about scam
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artists. we'll tell you what they are doing to try to keep the victims from being victimized again. good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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time now is almost 5:30. a little rain may be coming in. >> reporter: that's a tough call. saturday for the north and maybe not until sunday morning for everyone else. you can see our system is falling apart. today look for 60s, 70s and some 80s. here is sal. >> reporter: right now there is no traffic on the san mateo bridge. there's a problem coming off the golden gate bridge. some streets there in the fine arts are blocked. that's causing a delay getting onto san francisco marina district. it's 5:30. let's go back to the desk. we just received an update about the early morning officer shooting in concord. jade hernandez is on the scene. what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: we're learning a
5:31 am
little bit about why this shooting happened. you can see there are squad cars behind me. a csi mobile unit just arrived we're swinging around so you can see this is where police have this blocked section off. you can see officers down at the end of the block here at concord and ash bury. police are releasing at this hour that this was an officer involved shooting and the officer or officers were not hurt. we don't know if there were one or two officers involved in this incident. police can say that a squad car was out patrolling around 2:30 this morning when a man acting suspicious was noticed as he walked down clayton. police attempted to make contact with that man. they believed he was wanted by authorities the, but the man took off. he ran down the street and eventually opened fire on the
5:32 am
officers. the officers returned fire and shot and wounded the man. paramedics worked the man to the hospital in walnut creek. >> the investigation is just starting. it's going to be per protocol the officers will do the investigation on this case relative to the officer involved shooting. we will release more details as they come in. that's pretty much what we have at this point. >> reporter: no one else was hurt. the department is not saying if the officers or offer has been put on administrative leave which is usual protocol after a shooting involved an officer. we are not told what the suspect may have been wanted for but this investigation is not over. we should have more information for you at the top of the hour. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu, channel 2 news. there are concerns that scam artists are taking advantage of the san bruno disaster victims.
5:33 am
we have the details of this story. >> reporter: good morning. we're on clermont drive where you can see the homes that people will never be returning to. there's about 50 homes that people can't come back into but there are hundreds more where people are trying to get back to life as normal. they are trying to get their homes back to the way there they. this morning there's concern that scam artists will be trying to take advantage of them. the concern is over a variety of different scams that could be taking place right now. we were in this neighborhood yesterday and there were scores of contractor trucks coming in and out of this neighborhood trying to help people with smoke damage, restoration, cleaning up their homes, landscaping. pg&e does have a preferred vendor list that people can use and the bills go directly to
5:34 am
pg&e, but there are other contractors coming through. we talked to one of preferred vendors and they say they are already hearing of people trying to take advantage of the situation. >> they were sent there to do an inspection and that's not true. the only companies that are certified on the list are pg&e. they can call and get one of those lists so they can no who is under that list. >> reporter: people aren't required to use the pg&e vendors. there's a variety of different options for them. what the sate licenses board has done is put out a bunch of super bowls out in this neighborhood just warning people to be careful of unlicensed contractors and people not representing themselves as they should be. this morning at san bruno city hall the district attorney's office as well as the state license board, the police department and the california department of insurance will all get together to brief us on any kind of possible scams. they want to get the warning out to people so that if they are
5:35 am
approached, if someone comes up to them and say they can do work for them that they are legitimate. we'll continue to follow up on this and have more coming up on the morning news. health experts are now warning of toxic dangers. they say the debris is a possible cesspool of environmental toxins. they are racing to remove the toxic ash before the rainy season next month. it was an emotional journey back home for some of the victims. yesterday they went back to their homes for the first time to see what, if anything, was left. they were wearing protective gear as they searched through the rubble.
5:36 am
>> she lost everything her mother had. >> many long time residents say the memories are just too painful to rebuild and they say they will never move back into their old neighborhood. the jockey who was hurt in that horrifying fall the other day remains in critical condition this morning. 24-year-old michael martinez was thrown from his horse during a race last sunday at golden gate fields. his horse rolled over him. he suffered a severed spinal cord and major head injuries. he's paralyzed from the waste down. police are hoping a 17,000-dollar reward will these an arrest in the deadly shooting of a berkeley man. he was shot and killed last sunday. police say he was walking with his fiancee when two robbers attacked them. the shooters were seen driving away in an older model two sewn
5:37 am
suv. police say they have arrested a woman six times since june on suspicion of vandalizing luxury cars. she was arrested monday afternoon after an officer saw her scratch the side of parked mercedes. at the time of her arrest she was out on bail. many of the people who cheat the system are wanted for more serious crimes including assault, robbery and even murder. officers say they are baffled that people who seemingly would want to fly under the radar are calling attention to themselves. >> the people that you and i would expect to be walking on egg shells often arrive in our system banging drums. for what reason i can't really answer. >> so far this year 2100 fare evasion tickets have been issued. bart police say uniformed and plain clothed officers will
5:38 am
continue to keep a close watch. time now 5:37. sal is keeping a close eye on our commute. it's been relatively quiet so far, right? >> reporter: we have a crash i want to tell you about coming off the golden gate bridge. this is on richardson avenue which is a street not technically lumbar but most people know it as that. the bridge crews are on the scene trying to get it open. traffic is diverted to baker street. we should be in pretty good shape. if it's there for too much longer it will affect the traffic on the golden gate bridge. also this morning's commute is going to look okay on the san mateo bridge as you head across to the high-rise. this morning's commute looks
5:39 am
good. here is steve. >> reporter: good morning. just a little bit of patchy fog. kenwood is 47. windsor 48. a little cool. i do notice a couple of upper 40s and mid-40s close. the fog has been chewed up a little bit. 68 we'll go for a high. 74 today. 60s, 70s and 80s. fog, a little bit. there's not much inland. that's why the temperatures have cooled down. still six below average for this time of year. napa airport is 48. if you have the low clouds a
5:40 am
little warmer. 30s in the mountains. 40s up and down the coast for some. 60 at l. a. this big old low standing out here and it's taking its time. it really, really is. today sunny and warmer. friday we'll start to see increasing clouds. this low doesn't move through until sunday. the north bay is in line for some rain. clouds to the south. on sunday morning everybody might get a little bit of light rain and clearing and breezy by sunday night. it's a tough call but that's what we will go with. it will be a little warmer. late breeze even though the wind is tailed off. there's a hint of us weatherly. 60s, 70s and low to mid-80s. tomorrow we start to see changes. the drizzle ramps up. it will be cooler. we cloud it up on saturday. sunday morning looks like a possibility of rain for everyone and monday looks sunny. thank you, steve.
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there's new damage estimate. how that estimate in san bruno compares to what pg&e will pay. sarah shourd may be out on bail but there's bad news for the other two grads still in prison. the discouraging words from the president of iran. westbound 297 is looking good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and a possible problem in san francisco. that's coming up.
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good morning. only some patchy fog and temperatures will burn off sooner. 70s and low to mid-80s away from the coast. welcome back. here a quick look at some of the
5:44 am
top stories we're following for you. san francisco could be hit with a big hotel strike. hundreds of employees at san francisco's hilton hotel voted to authorize a strike and workers from several other hotels may follow. union leaders meet tomorrow. they will decide if they will call a strike and if so, when. today is day 78 for california with no budget. state lawmakers appear headed to break a record that was set in 2008. that is when governor schwarzenegger signed the budget 85 days late. disaster teams warning san bruno fire victims to watch out for scam artists trying to cash in on their misery. there's a particular concern about phony contractors, phony insurance agents and people offering all kinds of scam ideas. new estimates for the cost of damage at nearly $38 million. city building and planning
5:45 am
officers say there's more than $31 million in homes and private property. pg&e has pledged up to 1 million-dollar to help the victims of that disaster. efforts to restore the neighborhood are in the beginning stages for people's whose home suffered light damage. we have talked to one woman's home that is being cleaned up by one of three contractors hired by pg&e. >> i'm satisfied. they have taken all our clothes, taken the mattress and window coverings and they're just cleaning everything. >> 37 homes were destroyed. 19 others have substantial damage. another 321 homes have cosmetic or no damage and most of those homeowners have returned. firefighters are gaining ground now on the forest fire in the southern sierra. so far it's burned more than
5:46 am
6100 acres and destroyed one house in the lake isabella area. the fire got very active yesterday but a fierce air and ground attack kept the flames away from other homes. so far the blaze is about 51% contained. they are expecting full containment on sunday. sarah shourd is staying out of spotlight. she is getting debriefed by u.s. officials after being set free from an iranian prison. she will not be talking to the media except for a statement immediately before she leaves the country. in her last public comment she became very emotional about leaving behind the two other americans detained with her. >> all of my efforts starting today are going to go into helping procure the same freedom for my fiance and my friend because i can't enjoy my freedom without them. >> we have also learn that side
5:47 am
is a has been spoken with the mothers of two men in a conference call. the mothers are urging iran's president to bring their sons with them when he flies to new york next week to address the united nations. in an tv interview yesterday the iranian president said he would not intervene in the court case against those two americans still in prison. he said the two men will need to prove that they didn't want to commit any offense. the three americans were detained along the iranian boarder last year. they were later accused of spying. commuters on interstate 680 may soon see some relief in the commute. that's because the bare area's first express toll lain season about to open. the lane will run on southbound 680. the lane will be free for car poolers. lone drivers can use it for a sliding fee depending on the
5:48 am
traffic charged to a fast track account. a kickoff celebration is set for 10:00 this morning. sal knew all about that. he's also checking what's happening in marin county. >> reporter: there's a slight problem as you get off the golden gate bridge. we'll tell you about that. looks pretty good here. bay bridge traffic is moving along well. the richardson avenue accident that we had earlier has been cleared. this morning if you're driving on 880 north and southbound in oakland so far so good. here is steve. >> reporter: we're both on twitter. a little shout out to ss muni. they said some nice things.
5:49 am
a ttle bend in the clouds. see how it lifts up a little bit. it will be a little warmer today. there's not as much fog and hardly any sea breeze at all. this whole system will start to work towards us. a few high clouds might filter into the north later on. this front is aligning itself. when they align themselves north to south they are weaker. it's really the low that has to come in. we will have some 70s around the bay. 60s by the coast. some low to mid-80s inland. san francisco 56 right now. we'll go 65 for a high. that's four warmer than yesterday. kenwood is 47. that's the coolest i could find. winds are also at 48 degrees. mill valley saw two readings at
5:50 am
50. 30s in the mountains. 58 sacramento. 48 monterey. the key will be the low. the low is continuing to deepen and it's right there. it will put on the brakes. the bulk of it will go to the north. by saturday the north bay is in line for rain, a little bit. south of that will will be clouds and on sunday morning everybody is in line for light rain. today the fog burns off sooner. lit be sunny for most and warmer for many. san jose not as warm. drizzle returns tomorrow. it feeds in a bunch of clouds on saturday juicing up the north bay. sunday it goes through which is why the a.m.
5:51 am
rain clearing and monday looks sunny. just released numbers on unemployment are encouraging. the labor department says new claims for jobless benefits fell by 3000 last week to the lowest level in two months. many economists predicted an increase. amazon is stepping up its game trying to convince consumers that its kendall is better than competing devices such as apple's i pads. a new commercial aired this week. taking a trip into outer space is moving closer to reality. boeing has struck a deal with space adventures, a private space flight marketing firm. the los angeles times reportses they will offer passenger seats on board the seven passenger
5:52 am
spaceship boeing is developing. it's expected to be ready to go by 2015. no word on how much it will cost to fly but it's expected to be in the tens of millions of dollars. one california company has been fined more than $400,000. the 99-cent only stores are accused of selling pesticides that aren't registered with the fda. they found more than 50 violations. this is the largest epa leveed fine for violating federal pesticide regulations. lag do you give someone who risked everything? we'll introduce you to a special man who will be honored this weekend and why he is the first in the country. also getting high is on the rise. a new government report claims to any why.
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welcome back to the morning news. yesterday army staff sergeant slvator said it's a bittersweet honor. >> it's emotional and great. it does bring back a lot of memories of all the people that i would love to share this moment with and i'm just not
5:56 am
going to have that opportunity because they're no longer with us. >> he exposed himself to enemy fire while trying to save three injured comradeses in afghanistan three years ago. there are just 87 other medal of honor recipients living out of 3446. president obama said he will not walk away from immigration reform. >> i know that many of you campaigned hard for me and you're frustrated that we have not been able to move this over the finish line yet. i am too. >> testimony president addressed the congressional hispanic caucus last night. he blames republicans for blocking immigration reform. a new federal survey showed the illegal drugs used last year jumped to the highest level in a decade. marijuana use jumped 8% and
5:57 am
remains the most commonly used drug. the use of ecstasy rose 37%. there was a 60% jump in number of methamphetamine users. one federal drug control official is blaming eroding attitudes for the increases and the growing number of states that's approved medicinal marijuana. we want to go over to sal. how does it look? >> reporter: we're starting with 280 there northbound getting up
5:58 am
to the valley. looks good. now back to the desk. what investigators are focusing on today plus a new kind of threat to the victims. why they are being warned. still developing story. bay area police open fire just hours ago. we're going to go to the scene of where it happened.
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